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We offer you an extensive list of services for legal or financial purposes and we make sure to make it easier, promptly and efficient.

Contract Paper Signing

Mobile Notary

Proven Success

It is often inconvenient or impossible to get to a notary. We visit homes, offices, hospitals, and hotels, even movie sets in Los Angeles! We go where we are needed. Notarization assures that the document's signer has shown a valid photo ID to a notary. If you need to get a notarized letter, notarized form, notary services, or notarial work, please make sure that your document is entirely written, and we will be happy to notarize your document.
At some point, you will need to authenticate documents such as medical documents, power of attorney, real estate documents, a bill of sale, or a business agreement. To get these documents notarized, we know you have to find a way in your busy day to find a notary. We do that work for you. Our notary service is changing how we offer this service to make it come to your convenience, for the day and time you need it. Thousands of people across the United States have already benefited from royal notary services 

Signing Agent

Done Right

Notary Services is a fully integrated document closing service, serving Southern California. We are well versed in all aspects of the closing process and meticulous in our adherence to rules and regulations. We deliver the service of correctly executed and notarized closing documents to our clients and their borrowers.  We work with various Real Estate, Escrow, Closing, Mortgage, Title, and Lending companies.


Years of Experience

Apostille is an instrument that many governments, foreign and domestic, use to certify that a document is genuine.  It is the legalization of a document for international use under the terms of the 1961 Hague Convention.  Countries around the world are adopting this validation procedure for its simplicity and worldwide acceptance. As a result of globalization, worldwide trade, and the internet the need for proper international documentation and application of an “apostille” are becoming much more prevalent in everyday life.

We know that you need an allied notary who performs fully in the areas that you need, who tells you frankly the best options that you can use and how to perform them, we are your trusted friends

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Deed of trust or Mortgage
Occupancy affidavit
Compliance Agreement
Owner’s affidavit
Limited or Durable
Power of attorney
Proof of identification affidavit

Safety deposit box verification

Reverse mortgage
Signature or name affidavit
Loan modification
Minor’s travel authorization
I-9 Verification

Grand, quitclaim and warranty deeds
Survey affidavit 

Advanced healthcare directive
Irrevocable trust or living trust 
Last will & testament or 
living will
Jail visits
Vehicle VIN verification and 
transfer of title
Child custody agreements and 
adoption papers

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